Seychelles Activities
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Seychelles activities guide: Entertainment, Watersports, Land Sports and other activities

Seychelles Activities

Seychelles offers a multitude of activities to have a lot of fun and entertainments. You may choose between watersports and land sports or other activities like bird watching, shopping, enjoying a massage at your private villa or simply relax on one of the white sand beaches. Whether they are by land or sea, Seychelles's great outdoor adventures are limitless.


Nightlife in Seychelles
• Nightlife - Seychelles has an active nightlife around the larger hotels. Besides theatres, cinemas and discos it also offers you a few casinos which can be found on Mahe at Beau Vallon Bay Hotel and the Plantation Club or on Praslin, the Casino des Iles.
With Chinese, Indian, African and European influences the Creole cuisine is diverse, exotic and unique. Most restaurants offer an international cuisine and there are a few Italian and Chinese restaurants on Mahe.


The warm Indian Ocean waters makes from Seychelles the ideal place for the water enthusiasts.
• Sailing - Because most of the islands lie outside the cyclone belt, so high winds are rare, the Seychelles offers sailing opportunities any time during the year. You may explore the archipelago on the board of a power boat, yacht, catamaran or sailboat.
• Windsurfing - The conditions are excellent almost everywhere and the best time for this activity is at the start and end of the trade winds, usually around May and October.
• Surfing - The best time and place to go surfing is between November and April at Grand Anse on the western coast of Mahe.
Scuba diving in Seychelles
• Scuba Diving & Snorkeling - With a turquoise warm water protected by a coral reef, the Seychelles offers some of the world's best diving.
• Fishing - Sailfish, marlin, yellow tuna, rainbow-runner, dorado, bonefish and wahoo makes from Seychelles an exciting fishing destination. The seasons are determined by weather conditions, the south east being better for Big Game whilst the north west is more favourable for Bottom Fishing. Fishing is available from all of the main islands.

Land Sports

Golf, tennis, squash, badminton, horseback riding, biking and hiking are few of the recreational facilities of the Seychelles Islands.
• Horseback Riding - The only places on Mahe island where is available horse riding are at the Utegangar Riding Centre and at the Magic Carpet Arab Horse Riding Club stable in Anse aux Poule Bleue. La Digue also offers it at L'Union Estate.
Golf in Seychelles
• Golf - The only place to play golf in Seychelles is at the 18-hole Lemuria Resort on Praslin Island. The Lemuria Golf Course covers an area of 5,556 m and it borders the enchanting beaches of both the small Kerlan Cove and the Grand Kerlan Cove. The first 12 holes are palm tree-lined. From the 13th hole, the course extends over the steep slopes of a thickly forested hill, with breathtaking vistas.
• Tennis - All major hotels have tennis and squash courts, usually free of charge for their customers.
• Biking - You can rent a bike to visit this beautiful paradise along trails that cross the islands. Bicycles for hire can be found on Praslin and La Digue, but not so much on Mahe.
• Hiking & Walking - Organized hiking and walking tours are available to explore the islands' flora and fauna. Mountain walks and nature trails are well-marked on Aride, Mahe, Praslin and Silhouette. Walking is probably the best way to see the islands, distances are relatively short and the scenery is beautiful.

Other activities

• Birdwatching - This paradise is also the home of some of the rarest birds on Earth. From the twelve endemic birds' species in Seychelles, eleven can be found only in the granitic Seychelles, and the other one on Aldabra.
• Shopping - Although there are a few shops on Praslin, the best place to go shopping is in Victoria. The major hotels also offers souvenirs shops.

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